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18 May 2022, NEW Product Release

In honour of Broken Hearts 10 year anniversary, Joerg, the Master Distiller and Director has released a Collector’s Edition vintage Brandy. In German Brandy is translated to Weinbrand and the wine used for the creation of this Brandy is from a single vintage of pinot noir grapes.

This single barrel Weinbrand has been lovingly crafted from the distilling of Central Otago pinot noir wine and rested in chardonnay oak barrels for 16 years. In 2006 Joerg had the vision to create this Weinbrand and now, on Broken Heart Spirits 10-year anniversary, he has released this extremely special, collectors-edition vintage.

Radiating golden hues reminiscent of the Arrowtown Autumnal landscape this Weinbrand offers softness and suppleness that is extremely enjoyable. A true reflection of what New Zealand and the deep south of New Zealand can offer! The use of quality pinot noir grapes has been approached with a gentility and softness it deserves. With an immediate hint of walnut, Brazil nut and Almond, the finish is short, but welcomed due to the weighty mid palate. Lingering hints of nutmeg and allspice round out this brandy. Enjoy as a great digestif at the end of any meal.

Flavour Profile: almond, nutmeg, allspice, warming, caramel, oak

Aroma: butterscotch, cardamon, gentle nutmeg, vanilla and subtle mandarin peel


18 May 2022, NEW Product Release

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