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20 September 2021, New Australian Distributor

Broken Heart Spirits are pleased to announce the new partnership with The Gin Boutique in Australia.

The Gin Boutique is an online hub for high-quality, small batch gins, crafted by independent distilleries. Customers can now purchase Broken Heart Original Gin, Quince Gin, Navy Strength Gin, Pinot Noir Gin, Rhubarb Gin and the Spiced Rum through our website which will direct them to The Gin Boutique sales page.

Due to the current climate we are all facing, Broken Heart saw the necessity to streamline online sales and postage to our neighbours in Australia. We want to offer a high quality product through a top quality ordering process. Overseas postage costs and delivery timelines are becoming more and more unpredictable so this has hopefully mitigated some of these issues to create a better customer experience.

Joerg is delighted to partner with Andrew and Glenn and says ‘this is the beginning of a great opportunity. The aim is to grow recognition of Broken Heart Spirits within this market and being able to work with the team at The Gin Boutique allows endless marketing opportunities, including their representation of Broken Heart at Australian Gin Festivals as well as their qualified database.’

Andrew and Glenn are passionate about what they do and we can see this is a great fit for Broken Heart, sharing this love for the true craftsmanship that goes into producing premium, market ready product.

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20 September 2021, New Australian Distributor

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