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21 July 2021, World Spirits Trophy win

Last week it was announced the Broken Heart Original Gin won a Silver Medal and the Broken Heart Navy Strength won a Bronze Medal at the World Spirits Trophy awards.

Catering to the opinions and palates of the discerning public, the World Spirits Trophy competition offers a unique spirit judging format unaffected by industry bias.

To win a World Trophy, entries need to score highly in all areas of judging criteria, including quality, value, aroma, body, taste and packaging. The owners of this competition see this as a ‘pragmatic and refreshing model of evaluation providing an honest stage for feedback and recognition.’

Broken Heart Spirits has had a very successful award season with the Original Gin and the Navy Strength Gin being our outstanding performers. At Broken Heart Spirits we are taking this as a sure sign we have the base ingredients to our ‘hero’ gin on pointe. It was always designed to be a gin to be enjoyed as a gin and tonic, smooth, easy going and to leave you wanting more.

Try it yourself and see what you think……….


21 July 2021, World Spirits Trophy win

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