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22 October 2021, NEW Angel’s Share Batch #4 now available!

Angel’s Share is a beautiful collector’s edition dry gin. Each small batch of 300 bottles is unique from the last, where our master distiller carefully assesses, adds and makes changes to the wholly pure and natural botanicals which make up this captivating gin.

Inspired by our Original Broken Heart Gin, we are playing with the frontiers of balance.

Given the time of year Batch #4 is a celebration of everything Spring, alive with smooth floral tones of Japanese cherry blossom, fresh magnolia stamens, with a rosemary and wild thyme finish. The Distillery at Broken Heart Spirits in Arrow Junction, Queenstown is blooming with a myriad of flowers providing inspiration for the flavours of this next batch. Everywhere you turn there is new life emerging and from this the new Angel’s Share #4 batch was born.

Flavour profile:

Citrus, floral, refreshing, sweet, perfumed


Blossom notes lead the bouquet followed by subtle hints of Douglas fir and lemon with a soft release of lavender emerging.

Serving suggestion:

Fever Tree refreshingly light tonic


22 October 2021, NEW Angel’s Share Batch #4 now available!

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Broken Heart Spirits Limited
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