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4 October 2021, Queenstown Edition wins Gold in Australia

Results have been announced for the Australian Gin Awards 2021, and the Broken Heart Queenstown Edition Gin has won a Gold Award in the Classic Dry Gin category.

Only 11 New Zealand companies along with 109 Australian companies entered a total of 307 gins into this years competition. Only 56 Gold medals were awarded across all categories so we are over the moon to receive this award.

As per the rules of the competition a Classic Dry Gin should be ‘produced using a clean base spirit with a neutral taste which allows the distilled flavours of the botanicals to come through. The gin should be juniper forward where all the botanicals are distilled either soaked in the neutral spirit inside the still or placed in a basket within the still or along the Lyne arm. The botanicals may be distilled individually or together in a single batch. Must be bottled at a minimum Alcohol of 37% and a maximum Alcohol of 50%. This gin cannot be coloured or flavoured artificially.’

The Broken Heart Queenstown Edition Gin is only available to purchase at the Gin Garden in Queenstown, making it very exclusive. Proving to be one of the top sellers at the Gin Garden we are really proud of how well this Gin has been received. By combining the botanical essence from the Navy Strength Gin with the alcohol content of the Original Gin, we have created a new flavour profile unique from anything we have created before. We can detect an extra punch of citrus and juniper on the palette, but don’t let us make up your mind, have a try and see for yourself.


4 October 2021, Queenstown Edition wins Gold in Australia

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