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Sustainability is at the heart of Broken Heart

“Everyone leaves a carbon footprint, but it is what we do to minimise this that matters.”

Explain the ‘Bottle for Life’ concept?

Broken Heart Spirits started in 2012 and owner and Master Distiller Joerg Henkenhaf took great pride in the design of the bottles representing his meaningful brand. 10 years on, as most bottles ended up in landfill, he despaired about the “waste of a perfectly good bottle!” So in 2023 the ‘Bottle for Life’ concept came to life in New Zealand for the first time. Every bottle you reuse and upcycle helps us reduce our impact on the environment.

Why did we create the refill pouch?

So often we’ve been asked by customers “Can I refill my Broken Heart bottle?” And so often we ended up recommending upcycling bottles into a beautiful table centrepiece by adding fairy lights!

All that talk of fairy lights led to a lightbulb moment, and we started our journey towards a more sustainable and cyclical approach for our Broken Heart customers. Approx 20% of our customers are repeat buyers, so it made total sense to support those loyal customers with a sustainable and more affordable way to replenish their much loved stock. Help us achieve our goal to build this figure to over 40%!!

How is the refill pouch more sustainable?

Purchasing an eco-refill pouch presents the single biggest opportunity to significantly reduce waste packaging and its overall carbon footprint. By crunching some numbers, we have determined buying a refill instead of a complete product saves on the following footprints:

Reduce associated CO2 emissions by more than 95%

The ability to store 166% more stock compared to glass bottles using the same shelf space 

Reduce packaging by 40% minimising our need for cardboard 

Eliminate 2.3ton of glass bottles heading to recycling (or landfill) 

Increase onsite storage capabilities 10x our current capacities

50% reduction in weight, therefore a 50% reduction in our carbon footprint

How can the refill pouch be recycled?

We have partnered with the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme. Simply make sure the pouches are clean, empty and dry and drop them into the Soft Plastic Recycling bins at supermarkets and other stores around New Zealand. It’s easy to  find your nearest participating supermarket or store using the Store Locator. Alternatively, we’re  happy to accept them at the Gin Garden Tasting Room where we can collect and recycle in bulk.

Over 80% of people have access to a soft plastic recycling bin within 20km of home or work. For the 20% not so fortunate, the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme has partnered with NZ Post which will provide a specific courier bag (recycled of course) that you can purchase and fill, and then book a courier for pick up at your home or workplace.  You can use this bag for all your soft plastic recycling (not just the pouches!) so fill it up and see your soft plastics going to future use!!

What are soft plastics recycled into?

The Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme has partnered with Future Post, supplying them with soft plastic materials which are blended with other plastics to manufacture fence posts, vegetable gardens and parking bumpers here in New Zealand. They also work closely with SaveBOARD, using soft plastic materials to manufacture sustainable building materials including insulation board. To see a full list of products made from soft plastics click here.

Who will use this Refill Pouch ?

The beauty of this refill pouch is that ANYONE can buy one. However, it’s been created with a specific customer in mind:

The environmentally aware – you are concerned about the future of our planet, passionate about protecting and preserving the natural environment and want to help make this Earth greener for future generations.

The socially aware – you are actively trying to reduce your personal waste. As a conscious consumer striving to bring  less packaging and plastic into your home, you hate throwing perfectly good things in the bin and love supporting local, innovative companies.

The cost aware – given the current cost of living, this is everyone! The pouches are considerably cheaper to produce than glass bottles so we’re able to pass those savings on to you and offer our award-winning gin at a more competitive rate.

Whether you’re buying a pouch to refill your ‘Bottle for Life’ or simply buying it for its amazing value, we’re not here to judge. The beauty of a lower price point is our aim to widen the Broken Heart ‘family’ by enabling more people to experience our premium product.

Any additional benefits?

Easier storage – with it’s beautiful, eye-catching design, this refill pouch is lighter and more compact to store in your liquor cabinet, or on your liquor shelf for all to see.

Travelling – by plane, car, boat or bike, this refill pouch is a much lighter option, and also offers peace of mind, knowing it will not break or leak.

Adventures – planning a picnic, a hike, or a camping trip? The refill pouch is lighter to carry, easy to use and once finished can be folded compactly to take up less space.

Benefits for loyal trade partners

We envisage this product will become the way of the future in the trade space. Many bars, restaurants and liquor stores struggle with cost, storage and waste, and these refill pouches can help:

Cost – with reduced overheads on the refill pouch, we can now offer our New Zealand made, multi award-winning premium gin at a more competitive cost. Whether this means offering Broken Heart as a house pour at your bar, or placing the refill pouches on your selves, the overall result is less money spent.

Storage – less risk of breakages, less risk of damaged stock, less stock write offs, lighter and smaller to store. Ten pouches can fit into a case which would traditionally fit only six bottles.

Waste – for bars and restaurants, fill your ‘Bottle for Life’ and recycle the pouch, meaning less waste created.

How can I buy these refill pouches for my business?

Please contact contact us directly and we can discuss your business needs and send our full trade price list.

What flavours can I buy the refill pouches in?

Currently we are launching with our multi award-winning Original Gin, but the plan is to expand this to our very popular Spiced Rum and World’s Best Vodka soon.

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