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FRESH When exploring the components which contribute to flavour profiles, the water is a oft neglected element. At Broken Heart, we only use the finest glacial water from Queenstown. This gives our gin a level of fresh crispness which acts as a refreshing canvas for our botanicals to shine through.

DRY Without Juniper berries, it wouldn’t be gin of course! These days though, its hard to find a gin with a good juniper lead. We’ve made sure that our juniper presence is strong, so much so, that it translates to pine notes on the nose, emanating the winter-time Otago landscape.

EARTHY A quintessential feature of kiwi life is fresh hearty produce and good beer. By combining Angelica Root with Nelson grown hops and malt, we’ve paid homage to a robust, wholesome and earthy way of life. We really have aimed to create Middle Earth in a glass!

SPICY There are a few other botanicals in this category that we like to keep a mystery (after all, a magician never reveals its secrets!). What we will tell you is that the Pimento and ginger work together as core drivers to the spice flavours which come through on the palate. It balances the earthy flavours by giving it more oomph without dominating the overall profile.

FLORAL Abundant in New Zealand’s South Island is wild-grown lavender. Its place in the gin is central to its flavour profile: it flirts with the palate by balancing the robust flavours with something far more delicate…

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